Three Reasons Teens Need Theology

The true study of theology is the passionate exploration of the most beautiful person in the universe. The reward for that study is more than knowledge. The reward is a greater understanding of God’s fiery love for us which fuels our love for Him.

Why 1948 Must Correct Wrong Theology about AD 70

For 2,000 years the events of AD 70 and the diaspora that followed have affected Christian theology far more than we recognize. These events were assumed to be a divine endorsement of a theology that redefined Israel’s promises. It’s critical that we recognize just how significant a blow 1948 is to this theology.

How to Evaluate Theological Ideas

It is important that we evaluate theological ideas critically and biblically. Often we evaluate theology purely on the opinions of man, but there is another factor that is rarely considered that is actually the most significant factor in the evaluation of a theological idea.

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