Three Reasons Teens Need Theology

The true study of theology is the passionate exploration of the most beautiful person in the universe. The reward for that study is more than knowledge. The reward is a greater understanding of God’s fiery love for us which fuels our love for Him.

The Tenderness of God in the Fall of Man

The fall of man is one of the most traumatic passages in the scripture, and if we are not careful we read this passage through eyes of shame and we only see the curse and the tragedy of it all. However, in the midst of the calamity we can see a beautiful revelation of the nation of God.

The Glory of God’s Partnership with Man

In the Bible we find the glory of God’s partnership with man. Throughout the redemptive story, God refuses to do anything without human partnership. He validates human processes and uses human beings. He sometimes waits long periods of time in order to labor with us. At the same time, He gives us assignments that require His own supernatural intervention. One one hand, He does His work through us, on the other hand we cannot do His work without His power. It is the glory of God’s partnership with man and Abraham’s struggle to have a son illustrates the pattern of how God works with man.

We are Called to Anticipation over Remembrance

One of the great tragedies of western Christianity is that we do more remembering about Jesus than anticipating. However, the biblical view is that there is so much more to anticipate about Him then there is to remember. We are called to live with the longing and anticipation of an engaged woman, not the memories of a married woman.

The Lord Whose Name is Jealous

14(for you shall worship no other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God), (Exodus 34:14 NKJV) In Exodus 34, God makes a solemn promise to Moses that He will do signs and wonders for Israel that have never been done for any nation (Exodus 34:0).

The One Question that Settles all Debate

There is one missing factor in nearly every theological debate. It is the only factor that should matter and yet is is almost universally ignored. It is rarely considered and never stated as the decisive factor in theological positions. However, if you will learn to evaluate all your questions of God and of Scripture through this one factor, you will learn wisdom.

The Emotions of God in the Fall of Man

Often we rush through Bible passages giving little attention to the emotions of God. Jeremiah 2 recounts the motions of YHWH in Israel’s early history, the moment when YHWH felt what every betrayed spouse has felt as He was forced to watch Israel’s adultery in plain sight and remember another day in a garden many years before.

The Day of Punishment and the Knowledge of God

When Israel rejected YHWH in the wilderness and instead gave her worship and devotion to a golden calf, God warned that He would visit in a future day of punishment and not in that generation. In this sober warning, we also find a promise that reveals the depth of the judgment and of the mercy of God. We must understand the promise that is both a promise of judgment and a promise of mercy to know God.

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