He is a Real King

Why do the nations rage over Jerusalem? They rage in this present, modern age because of an ancient promise God made. He has given the city to His King. His King is not just a “heavenly” king, He is a real man, a real king.

The Lord’s Prayer – Jesus’ Missions Strategy

In Luke 11, Jesus gives the disciples a specific pattern for prayer, but that prayer is actually more than a prayer. It is also Jesus’s missions strategy to see His purposes come to pass on the earth. In it He not only teaches us to prayer, He commissions us to follow the missiology of His prayer and establish the church according to the pattern given to us in this prayer.

Demystifying the Kingdom of God

We often speak of the “Kingdom of God” or the “Kingdom of Heaven” in Christian circles but I am afraid that very few of us actually know what we are talking about.  I say this because there seems to be volume upon volume written on the kingdom, each volume trying

A Kingdom of Weakness

One thing is for certain. Jesus is coming and He is bringing His kingdom with Him. There is no doubt in my mind that this is at the top of God’s current agenda. While considering this, what causes me to tremble at times is to consider how radically different His kingdom is from our perception of what a kingdom should be. I think we often fail to realize that, in the limited demonstration we have of the kingdom, the kingdom is always disruptive. There is simply no way around that. It is a confrontational kingdom that confronts every other system and kingdom that has been, is, or ever will be. Yes, Jesus is coming with His kingdom, but His kingdom will not be an improvement an an existing structure, rather it will be a radical overthrow of everything that we have known up to this point.

What makes me tremble at times is to consider how confident we are in our understanding of the kingdom. Sometimes I think we almost have a chip on our shoulder as Christians expecting that Jesus is going to come at the last minute and vindicate our religious system collectively known as Christianity. In the midst of this I believe we fail to see that His kingdom is going to be completely disruptive, not only to the kingdom of the antichrist, but to the kingdoms that we live and participate in on a daily basis.

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