The Pharisees

Let’s take one last look at the Pharisees.  Do not forget that they were the conservative evangelicals of the day.  They were not out of the mainstream, nor were they theological liberals.  They were fighting with everything they had for the supremacy of the Scriptures in Jewish life and practice. 

The Effect on the Lost

We must note to that this lack of expression of the Kingdom of God has had a dreadful effect on our evangelism.  Could it be that some of the intense opposition to the gospel that we see is a result of cultural clashes that are merely based in morality?  Is

The Issue of Repentance

To properly assess the issue of the church and society, the church must address the issue of repentance.  It is tragic in our day that repentance has been reduced to a few tears and a little grief over sin.  Repentance does not simply address moral failures, which again are symptoms

Contending for Morality

What I want to demonstrate is that, however well intentioned it may be, contending merely for morality is flawed at its root.  When I uncover a few of the flaws, many will wholeheartedly agree with these flaws.  However, what we need to do is not agree on these flaws, but

Have We Settled for Morality?

My heart was captivated recently by the question, “have we settled for morality?”  What I mean by this question is has the Christian church, particularly in America, settled on debating the culture merely on issues of morality.  This question is probably for more significant that you or I think and

What is Apostolic?

I realize that title of this post is a little misleading as it is a question that cannot be answered in a single post.  In fact, books have been written on this subject and I would propose that there are still books that need to be written on this subject.  Up front I have to say that, as always, I highly recommend Art Katz’s classic Apostolic Foundations when seeking illumination on the apostolic church.  So, while I cannot examine the subject in one post, I want to add a few thoughts to the discussion and perhaps even re-direct our common considerations of the apostolic and the prophetic.

I have to admit that recently I have become a little weary of the phrase “Apostolic and Prophetic.”  It is probably because the phrase seems to have become yet another buzzword.    At the moment it seems like everyone is posturing their ministries to make sure they are “Apostolic” or “Apostolically aligned,” and, while I am not criticizing for that, I have to wonder if we have lost something in the mix.

Most definitions of what is “apostolic” seem to revolve around leadership structures or functions and I believe this is where we go astray.   For example, if someone leads a large enough group then they are apostolic or if they can plant another fellowship and send out individuals then they are considered apostolic.  I believe it is fair to say that if we examined most of our present teaching and our actions around the words “apostolic and prophetic” it would revolve around authority structures or functions.  The question I think we need to ask is what if that is not the essence of the apostolic and the prophetic?  What if they are defined by something entirely difficult than a leadership role or a function?  What if there is something entirely different to be demonstrated in these gifts that we are missing but is very necessary?  Could it be that the very progress of the church is impaired for want of a correct understanding of these terms?

For those of you, like me, that get confused or wearisome of some of the apostolic and prophetic rhetoric, for a moment let’s lay aside all that we have previously known and examine this for a moment and see if God does not open up something entirely different.

Are you Jealous?

I have been deeply moved the last few days over the issue of Jealousy for the Lord and for His name.  Are we truly jealous for the name “Jesus” and the demonstration that are attributed to His name?  As the world continues to use that precious name as nothing more

A Solemn Prophetic Warning

The days we are living in are very serious. We must prepare for the days ahead. They will be days of great glory as God visits His pure church and days of great terror as judgment comes and evil increases. We must stay so very close to the Lord that

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