Joseph – A Profound Prophecy of God’s Plan

Joseph’s story is a stunning prophecy of Jesus’ life, ministry among the nations, and ultimate intention for Israel. It illustrates how the story of Israel and the gentiles is deeply intertwined because Joseph’s life serves to save both Egypt and Israel. In doing so, it prophecies of Jesus’ activity in the nations.

To Fulfill all that is Written

In Luke 21, Jesus gives an prophecy of staggering events that revolve around Jerusalem and His second coming. In the middle of His prophecy, He says that this period of time will be the “days of vengeance” which will fulfill all that is written. It’s important to understand what the prophets said about the “days of vengeance” and the role they play in the fulfillment of prophecy.

Understanding the Geography of the End Times

The Scripture gives us a lot of information about the geography of the end-times. These passages provide practical information to help us understand what will happen before and during the siege on Jerusalem. God has given us information about specific regions so we can partner with the Holy Spirit and what He is doing to prepare for the end of the age.

The Storm Gathering around Jerusalem

Right now the entire earth is focused on the crisis around Jerusalem. While most people on earth try to understand the conflict in the Middle East politically, the crisis is really a spiritual issue that can only be understood spiritually. The enemy knows that God’s plan for this age will be finished on this piece of land and this is why Jesus told us in Matthew 24:15 that we must understand the trouble that will come to Jerusalem.

Understanding the Context of Matthew 24:14

In Matthew 24:14, Jesus gives a very specific prediction that must be fulfilled before He will return. Because this is such a critical prophecy, it is important for us to understand the context of the prophecy so that we are aware of all that is required to fulfill the prophecy and how it relates to the events of Matthew 24:4-13 and 24:15-31.

The Day of Punishment and the Knowledge of God

When Israel rejected YHWH in the wilderness and instead gave her worship and devotion to a golden calf, God warned that He would visit in a future day of punishment and not in that generation. In this sober warning, we also find a promise that reveals the depth of the judgment and of the mercy of God. We must understand the promise that is both a promise of judgment and a promise of mercy to know God.

The Holy One of Israel

The phrase “Holy One of Israel” is a notable one that appears just over 30 times in the Old Testament and primarily in the book of Isaiah. The phrase is important for multiple reasons. The first is that YHWH, creator of all, would choose to identify Himself in context to

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