The Outpouring of the Spirit and the Salvation of Israel

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit is far more than the beginning of the church. It represented a commitment by God to fulfill His promises to Israel and also gives us clues to how God is going to fulfill those promises. In the outpouring of the Spirit, God did not shift His plan from Israel to the nations, He invited the nations to participate in Israel’s story.

Jesus’ Description of the Ministry of the Holy Spirit

In John 16, Jesus predicts the work of the Holy Spirit in the church. Interestingly, Jesus describes the work of the Holy Spirit very differently from the way we usually think of His work. We tend to think primarily of His gifts, but Jesus emphasizes something else – the revelation of the things to come.

The Faith of Abraham

Now the promises were made to Abraham and to his offspring. It does not say, And to offsprings, referring to many, but referring to one, And to your offspring, who is Christ. – Galatians 3:16 Abraham only received a part of his promise in his son Isaac. In other words,

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