The Image of the Beast and the Glory of the Church

The Bible predicts the end-time figure known as “The Beast” or the Antichrist will make an image of himself.  The image is described as having supernatural power and being deeply associated with the Antichrist. This image is a much bigger deal than we imagine (Revelation 13:14, 15; 14:9, 11; 15:2; 16:2; 19:20;

An Incomplete Gospel

Note: this is an excerpt from the book It Must Be Finished. The return of Jesus is part of the gospel. If we only speak about Jesus’ first coming and never mention His second coming, our gospel message is incomplete. This does not mean, every time the gospel is preached, we must

Life in the Nations During the Millennium

The Scripture predicts a time of peace and harmony when the Messiah is ruling over the nations. This time period is referred to as the “Millennium” because it lasts 1,000 years (Revelation 20:3) and descriptions of the Millennium include all the normal aspects of life we are accustomed to including

Finishing the Great Commission – The Gospel of the Kingdom

Evangelism is the beginning of the Great Commission but the Great Commission goes much deeper than that. Evangelism is a key activity of the Great Commission, but the Great Commission is also intended to prepare the nations to be judged on a single question.

Jesus’ Description of the Ministry of the Holy Spirit

In John 16, Jesus predicts the work of the Holy Spirit in the church. Interestingly, Jesus describes the work of the Holy Spirit very differently from the way we usually think of His work. We tend to think primarily of His gifts, but Jesus emphasizes something else – the revelation of the things to come.

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