The Apostolic Pattern of Acts 13 (2017)

Luke’s description of the church in Antioch in Acts 13 presents Antioch as the prototype church in the nations and Paul and Barnabas’ sending from Antioch as the biblical pattern for formation and sending in the church. This chapter is foundational for our understanding of church, formation, and sending.

God’s Eternal Purpose for Man

In the ascension of Jesus, mankind was put positionally over the powers of this age. This is why we are now in a great wrestle – not with men – but with the powers. Redeemed humanity is their greatest enemy because the only thing that empowers them is fallen humanity’s humanity’s submission to the powers and agreement with them is what has enabled them to stay in their place of authority.

Paul’s Apostolic Use of Privilege

One thing that is consistent in Paul’s life is his willingness to use his own strength and ability for the sake of others. Paul’s body, his rights, and his privileges were simply tools and resources that he willingly used to advance the church. Paul’s suffering in the city of Philippi provides one of the best examples of how Paul functioned in this way an apostle.

The Need of Sent Laborers

The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into His fields. – Matthew 9:37b-38 (NLT) No one would deny the great need for laborers for the gospel in this hour. Not

The Pharisees

Let’s take one last look at the Pharisees.  Do not forget that they were the conservative evangelicals of the day.  They were not out of the mainstream, nor were they theological liberals.  They were fighting with everything they had for the supremacy of the Scriptures in Jewish life and practice. 

The Effect on the Lost

We must note to that this lack of expression of the Kingdom of God has had a dreadful effect on our evangelism.  Could it be that some of the intense opposition to the gospel that we see is a result of cultural clashes that are merely based in morality?  Is

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