Is Capitalism or Socialism the Answer?

It’s an election cycle again in the United States and Christians are being called upon once again to choose whether capitalism or socialism is more “biblical.” As followers of Jesus how should we view these two options?

Terrorism, Nationalism, and the Gospel

We live in a world that is rapidly changing. Islamic terrorism is a global issue and will only accelerate in the near future. As the nations contemplate war, it is critical that we search the Scripture to understand terrorism, nationalism, and the gospel within a comprehensive, biblical framework.

The Coming Pastoral Crisis in America

For centuries, American Christianity has existed in a dominant Christian culture and we have not considered just how deeply that impacts our expression of church and the lives of believers in America. We must recognize the cultural shift that is happening and prepare the church for the incredible challenge of transitioning from living as Christians in a dominant Christian culture to living as Christians in a culture that is no longer non-Christian.

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