The Future Fall of the City of Babylon

Jeremiah 50-51 is the longest continual prophecy in the Bible and therefore it deserves careful study as one of the key passages in the Scripture. While many assume that this prophecy was exhaustively fulfilled in ancient history, when we examine the prophecy closely we find that there are many details in the prophecy that were not fulfilled in ancient history and therefore have a future application.

Understanding the Fourth Kingdom of Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 – Part 2

Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 both place their emphasis on a fourth kingdom that will challenge God’s purposes. In this session we examine how the book of Revelation relates to Daniel’s prophecy regarding this kingdom. Given how much emphasis Daniel and Revelation both place on this kingdom and the significant events associates with it, it is important that we understand this kingdom.

How the Person of the Antichrist Reveals the Beauty of Jesus

God has designed redemptive history so that the nature of ultimate good and ultimate evil is revealed in the leadership of two different men. God has done this because He chose to reveal His own nature to us as personally as possible by revealing Himself to us as a man and also chosen to reveal the depths of evil by revealing it in human form.

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