Finishing the Great Commission – The Gospel of the Kingdom

Evangelism is the beginning of the Great Commission but the Great Commission goes much deeper than that. Evangelism is a key activity of the Great Commission, but the Great Commission is also intended to prepare the nations to be judged on a single question.

Who are the “Least of These My Brethren?”

In Matthew 25, Jesus bases His judgment of the nations on how they have responded to “My Brethren.” Given that His brethren become central to the judgment, it is important that we understand Jesus’ judgment and recognize that Jesus was affirming previous prophecies of the day of God’s judgment of the nations.

The Context of the Olivet Discourse

It is important when studying the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24-25 to understanding the context that surrounds the passage. The overall biblical context, the context of the book of Matthew, and the immediate context of the preceding chapters all help to make the passage much more clear and more easily understood.

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