The New Testament, Israel, and the Nations

It is a common assumption that the New Testament shifts the focus from Israel to the nations. The New Testament does give a clear directive to take the gospel to the nations and also describes the spread of the gospel among the gentiles. However this Great Commission is not disconnected from God’s promises to Israel.

Finishing the Great Commission – The Gospel of the Kingdom

Evangelism is the beginning of the Great Commission but the Great Commission goes much deeper than that. Evangelism is a key activity of the Great Commission, but the Great Commission is also intended to prepare the nations to be judged on a single question.

To Fulfill all that is Written

In Luke 21, Jesus gives an prophecy of staggering events that revolve around Jerusalem and His second coming. In the middle of His prophecy, He says that this period of time will be the “days of vengeance” which will fulfill all that is written. It’s important to understand what the prophets said about the “days of vengeance” and the role they play in the fulfillment of prophecy.

The Mission to Every Tribe and Tongue

The church’s mission to every tribe and tongue is usually presented in terms of evangelism, when we look carefully at the verses in the New Testament that describe the church in every tribe and tongue, we find that evangelism is only one component of what God will bring to pass in the nations before Jesus returns.

Why Partial Preterism Leads to a Full Heresy

If you listen to partial preterists present their position it will not take long until they return to Matthew 24:34 as a foundation stone of their position. 34Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place. (Matthew 24:34 NKJV) Partial

Understanding the Context of Matthew 24:14

In Matthew 24:14, Jesus gives a very specific prediction that must be fulfilled before He will return. Because this is such a critical prophecy, it is important for us to understand the context of the prophecy so that we are aware of all that is required to fulfill the prophecy and how it relates to the events of Matthew 24:4-13 and 24:15-31.

The Context of the Olivet Discourse

It is important when studying the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24-25 to understanding the context that surrounds the passage. The overall biblical context, the context of the book of Matthew, and the immediate context of the preceding chapters all help to make the passage much more clear and more easily understood.

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