A Biblical Basis for Global Worship and Prayer

One of the most prominent trends at the end of the age is a global movement of worship and intercession. God has designed that the age will end in an extravagant demonstration of worship and prayer as a gift of love to Jesus accompanied by unequalled intercession. This intercession will be one of the primary means by which the church cooperates with God in His plan to end the age.

The Greatest Key to an Effective Prayer Life

The test of delayed answers or the seeming monotony of life can make us wonder if our prayers are actually effective. The good news is that Jesus specifically addressed this question. It is important to understand what He taught was perhaps the greatest key to an effective prayer life so that we can labor in prayer in a biblical way.

Demystifying Prayer

We were recently discussing some of the ways prayer is misused and it immediately came to me that perhaps some of our error in praying is that we have so mystified it that we really do not have a solid paradigm for exactly what we are doing when we pray.

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