The Secret to Prayer

The secret to a life of prayer is not found in the word we use. It is found in an understanding of who we are speaking to. Real transformation in prayer comes as we approach God with the same confidence Jesus had.

The Goal of the Church – On Earth as it is in Heaven

In Luke 11 Jesus gave us a simple phrase that is not only a mandate for prayer, it is a mandate for mission. Our labor is to be directed towards this ultimate goal: that it would be done on the earth as it is done in heaven. Understanding this phrase from Scripture ultimately gives us a clear ecclesiology, missiology, and eschatology.

The Lord’s Prayer – Jesus’ Missions Strategy

In Luke 11, Jesus gives the disciples a specific pattern for prayer, but that prayer is actually more than a prayer. It is also Jesus’s missions strategy to see His purposes come to pass on the earth. In it He not only teaches us to prayer, He commissions us to follow the missiology of His prayer and establish the church according to the pattern given to us in this prayer.

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