How the Person of the Antichrist Reveals the Beauty of Jesus

God has designed redemptive history so that the nature of ultimate good and ultimate evil is revealed in the leadership of two different men. God has done this because He chose to reveal His own nature to us as personally as possible by revealing Himself to us as a man and also chosen to reveal the depths of evil by revealing it in human form.

The Rise of the Antichrist – The Story of Daniel 11:21-35

Daniel 11:21-35 is the longest prophecy in the Bible that describes a specific sequence of the events the antichrist will be responsible for. While the passage may seem daunting at first glance, once we understand that Daniel is plainly describing the actions of the antichrist, the passage is more easily understood. God gave Daniel this prophecy because He thought it was important for us to understand this sequence of events.

How the Book of Daniel Reveals our View of God and Scripture

The more time I spend with Daniel the more and more it became apparent that the book of Daniel reveals our view of God and Scripture in a way that perhaps no other book does. God is specifically forcing an issue in Daniel – will we stand with the Word as prophesied or will we try to rescue God and make our faith more respectable by prematurely marking prophecies fulfilled or, even worse, shipwrecking our faith entirely by denying the ability of God to prophesy with precision through a man?

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