The Outpouring of the Spirit and the Salvation of Israel

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit is far more than the beginning of the church. It represented a commitment by God to fulfill His promises to Israel and also gives us clues to how God is going to fulfill those promises. In the outpouring of the Spirit, God did not shift His plan from Israel to the nations, He invited the nations to participate in Israel’s story.

Was Zechariah 14 Fulfilled in AD 70?

Some say the prophecy of Zechariah 14 was fulfilled in AD 70 and other say it was not. Due to the dramatic language it is important for us to examine the prophecy and see where it has already happened and is a glorious testimony to the power of the prophetic word or if it is a serious prediction of something that is yet future. If it is future, there are serious implications for the church.

God’s Eternal Purpose for Man

In the ascension of Jesus, mankind was put positionally over the powers of this age. This is why we are now in a great wrestle – not with men – but with the powers. Redeemed humanity is their greatest enemy because the only thing that empowers them is fallen humanity’s humanity’s submission to the powers and agreement with them is what has enabled them to stay in their place of authority.

The Controversy of Worship

The controversy over the temple mount is ultimately a controversy of worship. God has decreed that His Son will rule from this city and a controversy over that city exists so long as people groups try to achieve their destiny apart from God’s Son.

A Biblical Basis for Global Worship and Prayer

One of the most prominent trends at the end of the age is a global movement of worship and intercession. God has designed that the age will end in an extravagant demonstration of worship and prayer as a gift of love to Jesus accompanied by unequalled intercession. This intercession will be one of the primary means by which the church cooperates with God in His plan to end the age.

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