The Divine Son of Man

Note: This is an excerpt from a book on Daniel 7 coming in January 2019 called The Son of Man: Recovering the Apostolic Gospel. Daniel’s description of the Son of Man served as the basis of Jesus’ claim of an exalted identity. Daniel 7 does more than give the Son

What Daniel 3 Reveals about the Antichrist

Daniel both dramatic information about the end of the age and the historical record of Daniel’s life in Babylon. Daniel 3 is usually treated primarily as a historical record, but there is quite a bit in the chapter that is intended to help us understand some of the unique dynamics that will precede the return of the Lord.

The Futurity of Daniel 7

Daniel 7 is one of the key visions contained in the book of Daniel. Because the vision begins with symbolic imagery, some wonder if the chapter can be clearly interpreted and whether it refers to the past or the future. Can we look at Daniel 7 and determine conclusively whether the vision refers to the past or to the future?

Understanding the Covenants and the Prophets

The Biblical narrative is ultimately undergirded by the biblical covenants. The covenants are the means by which God’s redemptive plan unfolds and it is important to understand these covenant to understand biblical history, God’s present work in the nations, and the how His work in the nations will conclude.

Their Lives were Preserved – The Mystery of Daniel 7:12

Daniel 7:12 raises an interesting question: why is the antichrist destroyed suddenly while the lives of the rest of the beasts are prolonged? Thankfully, when we look at the verse more closely, we find that there is a very specific emphasis in this verse that can resolve the question.

Understanding the Fourth Kingdom of Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 – Part 2

Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 both place their emphasis on a fourth kingdom that will challenge God’s purposes. In this session we examine how the book of Revelation relates to Daniel’s prophecy regarding this kingdom. Given how much emphasis Daniel and Revelation both place on this kingdom and the significant events associates with it, it is important that we understand this kingdom.

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