God Resists the Proud

It is important to recognize the season a nation is in. Pride assumes that God is always seeking to elevate a people or a nation. Humility assumes that God wants a people to primarily seek to be a benefit to others. The question of whether we are primarily characterized by humility or pride is one of the primary ways we can discern the season in our nation.

The Future Fall of the City of Babylon

Jeremiah 50-51 is the longest continual prophecy in the Bible and therefore it deserves careful study as one of the key passages in the Scripture. While many assume that this prophecy was exhaustively fulfilled in ancient history, when we examine the prophecy closely we find that there are many details in the prophecy that were not fulfilled in ancient history and therefore have a future application.

The Emotions of God in the Fall of Man

Often we rush through Bible passages giving little attention to the emotions of God. Jeremiah 2 recounts the motions of YHWH in Israel’s early history, the moment when YHWH felt what every betrayed spouse has felt as He was forced to watch Israel’s adultery in plain sight and remember another day in a garden many years before.

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