Have You Been Blinded? Video Course

The Have You Been Blinded? video course includes eight sessions to help you understand God’s desire to release mercy before judgment in partnership with His people. The course is designed for the book Have You Been Blinded? In this course you will discover: How to confront your own assumptions about God’s leadership of

Have You Been Blinded?

What if God is not doing what you think He is? God can be moving in significant and historic ways, but if you have certain assumptions, you will not see what He is doing. If you do not face your assumptions about Him, you can look at God’s work and

Why Singing?

The Bible repeatedly commands singing and predicts the church will be a singing people in the most difficult hour of history. This raises a profound question: why does God use singing in such a profound way? Why is singing so central in the Bible and why does God want the

The Beauty of the Divine Man

In Isaiah we find an outrageous statement about Jesus: 2 …he had no form or majesty that we should look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him. (Isaiah 53:2 ESV) Isaiah predicted Jesus would not have any natural beauty. Because Isaiah’s words are familiar we can easily

A Priestly People Fascinated with Beauty

This message examines what is means for human beings to be priests and how the endless human craving for beauty and fascination is a God ordained part of humanity designed to bring us into our priestly calling.

Our Eternal Identity – Priests who Declare the Beauty of God

God gives the apostle John two key phrases in Revelation 4:1 that relate to our eternal calling. This is a message on our eternal calling as priests before God to encounter the beauty of God, declare that beauty to the world, and create contexts where people can encounter God’s beauty.