Israel e a Grande Comissão (Portuguese)

Vivemos em uma geração privilegiada Pela primeira vez na História, a Igreja está enfrentando dois desafios sem precedentes: •   Alcançar todos os grupos de pessoas com o evangelho; •   Abordar uma controvérsia global sobre Israel e seu futuro. A maioria dos cristãos lê o Antigo Testamento como uma história sobre Israel e

Why Singing?

The Bible repeatedly commands singing and predicts the church will be a singing people in the most difficult hour of history. This raises a profound question: why does God use singing in such a profound way? Why is singing so central in the Bible and why does God want the

The Gospels Rise and Fall on Daniel

Note this in an excerpt from Son of Man: The Gospel of Daniel 7. When we carefully read the gospels and consider how Jesus taught in the gospels, it leads us to an incredible conclusion: the gospels as they are written rise and fall on Daniel 7.Daniel 7 was not the

Israel and the Great Commission

We live in a unique generation. For the first time in history, the church is facing two unprecedented events: The gospel may reach all people within a generation. For the first time in history, the whole earth is watching God’s purposes for Israel unfold. Most Christians read the Old Testament

How to Read the Psalms

To fully appreciate the Psalms, we should read them according to four perspectives. Not every Psalm contains all four of these perspectives, but a surprising number do and virtually every Psalm can be read from multiple perspectives. Using these perspectives helps us to recognize just how much is in each psalm.