How the Rapture Reveals Our View of Suffering

Where you see the rapture occurring is significantly related to your view of suffering as it relates to the purposes of God. Most in the church have a different view of suffering than the apostles did. The spread of the pre-tribulation rapture is not just due to a view of the end times, it is also due to the belief of believers that God’s goal is for the church to avoid suffering.

The Theological Significance of the Rapture

The idea of the immanent rapture can end up supporting a spectator view of Bible prophecy primarily because it teaches that believers will not be present for the most significant events of the end of the age. This makes much of the Scripture describing the Lord’s return effectively trivial when it is meant to be sound doctrine about themes that prepare the church to practically walk out the gospel.

Does our View of the Rapture Matter?

One of the most prominent beliefs in western eschatology in the last century has been the belief in the “pre-tribulation” rapture. Generally the question of the rapture is seen as an academic issue, a non-essential doctrine that does not really affect our day-to-day Christianity, but we must understand how much our view of the rapture reflects our view of God.

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