The Lord Whose Name is Jealous

14(for you shall worship no other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God), (Exodus 34:14 NKJV) In Exodus 34, God makes a solemn promise to Moses that He will do signs and wonders for Israel that have never been done for any nation (Exodus 34:0).

Israel’s Second Wandering in the Wilderness

We have to remember that Paul preached from the Old Testament, and he used the story of Israel as his beginning point and then proclaimed that Israel’s long awaited Messiah had appeared as God in the flesh. Because of his teaching style, he wrote Romans 9 to answer one of the most difficult questions he faced from early gentile believers. Understanding the primary question Paul is addressing in Romans 9 is the key to understanding Romans 9-11 in it’s proper context.

The Promise of a Second Exodus

God made a promise to Moses in Exodus 34 that His redemptive plan would not climax in the events of the Exodus. He would confront the nations in power again in the future, only this time He would not only deal with one “Pharaoh” – He would confront all the nations of the earth with a greater display of power.

The Day of Punishment and the Knowledge of God

When Israel rejected YHWH in the wilderness and instead gave her worship and devotion to a golden calf, God warned that He would visit in a future day of punishment and not in that generation. In this sober warning, we also find a promise that reveals the depth of the judgment and of the mercy of God. We must understand the promise that is both a promise of judgment and a promise of mercy to know God.

Show Me Your Glory

Moses makes one of the most bold and amazing requests in Exodus 33:18-19. Imagine asking the God of the Exodus who has just crippled the most powerful nation on earth and terrified the nation of Israel with manifestations of His presence that you want to see even more of His glory. What gave Moses this kind of boldness? The answer is found in Exodus 33.

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