Joseph – A Profound Prophecy of God’s Plan

Joseph’s story is a stunning prophecy of Jesus’ life, ministry among the nations, and ultimate intention for Israel. It illustrates how the story of Israel and the gentiles is deeply intertwined because Joseph’s life serves to save both Egypt and Israel. In doing so, it prophecies of Jesus’ activity in the nations.

The Tenderness of God in the Fall of Man

The fall of man is one of the most traumatic passages in the scripture, and if we are not careful we read this passage through eyes of shame and we only see the curse and the tragedy of it all. However, in the midst of the calamity we can see a beautiful revelation of the nation of God.

The Battle Over Ishmael’s Promises and the Coming Revival in the Middle East

It is impossible to understand God’s redemptive plan without understanding both the promises given to Israel and the promises given to Ishmael. Though we need far more, there are a few believers speaking about Israel’s promises. Right now there are very few speaking about Ishmael’s promises.

The Glory of God’s Partnership with Man

In the Bible we find the glory of God’s partnership with man. Throughout the redemptive story, God refuses to do anything without human partnership. He validates human processes and uses human beings. He sometimes waits long periods of time in order to labor with us. At the same time, He gives us assignments that require His own supernatural intervention. One one hand, He does His work through us, on the other hand we cannot do His work without His power. It is the glory of God’s partnership with man and Abraham’s struggle to have a son illustrates the pattern of how God works with man.

The Three Promises Made to Abraham

To understand God’s plan in the nations, we have to understand the promises made to Abraham in Genesis 12. God gave Abraham three specific promises: Land. First, he promised Abraham a land, a specific location for his people. Descendants. Secondly, he promised Abraham descendants. And, contextually, that would mean righteous descendants. The

The Adamic Covenant

The glory of God is related to the unfolding revelation of the prophetic Scripture. In other words, as redemptive history unfolds we find that God’s Word becomes more than it seemed when it was first given, though never something other than what was given. The initial covenant of God with man

As in the Days of Noah

Recently I was spending some time with one of my daughters and at her request, we ended up watching one of her videos. When it stopped, the television defaulted to a Christian channel and they were showing a movie of Noah and the ark. She begged to watch it, so

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