A Priestly People Fascinated with Beauty

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As human beings we have an endless desire for beauty and fascination, and whether we are aware of it or not, the ultimate trajectory of our lives is determined by how we satisfy that desire for beauty and fascination. Because we are made to crave the beauty of God, the answer to man’s sin is not just turning away from counterfeit beauty, it is a shift in appetites to true beauty.

We are also designed by God as priestly creatures, and every human being lives in a priestly way whether they recognize it our not. Priestliness is so foundational to human identity Jesus is a priest forever. It is so foundational that it is not only our eternal calling it is also the means by which we are prepared for our eternal calling.

This message examines what is means for human beings to be priests, how the endless human craving for beauty and fascination is a God ordained part of humanity designed to bring us into our priestly calling, and how God uses every aspect of our lives in this age to prepare us to be Jesus’ eternal companion.


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