The Mercy Before Judgment video course includes six sessions to help you understand God’s desire to release mercy before judgment in partnership with His people. The course is designed for the book Mercy Before Judgment.

This course will help you:

  • Grow in the knowledge of God by recognizing His desire for mercy before judgment.
  • Recognize God’s desire to release unprecedented mercy before He releases judgment.
  • Discover God’s invitation to partner with Him to release mercy.
  • Understand the ancient pattern of mercy before judgment and seven key principles of intercession.
  • Enlarge your understanding of intercession.

The course includes material that is suitable for personal study as well as small group studies in a local church or in any other small group.

The course includes:

  • Teaching Videos
  • Downloadable Study Guides
  • Discussion Questions
  • Review Material
  • Prayer Focuses

You can use the button below to access the course online. You will need to create an account to access the course. Your access will include all course material and teaching videos available via streaming. Once you create an account you also have an option to purchase video downloads for the course. This is optional and gives you access to teaching videos that can be downloaded and used without internet access.