When we understand God’s ultimate purpose for His people we can labor in the local church with confidence and understanding.

The Bible contains specific descriptions of God’s plan to produce a mature, glorious church who loves Him deeply and partners with Him in His plan of salvation. One of the most significant descriptions of God’s glorious plan for His people is found in Isaiah 24. We must be familiar with this chapter.

Isaiah 24 is a dramatic, majestic chapter that gives us critical insight into God’s purpose for the church at the end of the age. The chapter includes key details about the songs of the end-time church, so this chapter is especially significant for worship leaders, singers, musicians, and song writers.

Isaiah’s prophecy contains a number of key insights:

  • It gives us insight into a day of trouble that’s coming.
  • It gives us insight into the nature of the end-time church.
  • It gives us insight into the end-time church, and the Lord’s plan to raise up a people who will be singing in the darkest hour of history.
  • It gives us insight into the kind of songs the end-time church will sing.
  • It gives us insight into the apostle Paul’s missiology.
  • It gives us insight into the way God is leading history to fulfill the prophecy.

In this course you will:

  • Be provoked to read Scripture differently and engage in the story of God in a fresh way.
  • Discover God’s great plan to magnify His Son and bring the church to joyful maturity even in the darkest hour of history.
  • Recognize God’s activity in the earth as He leads history to a dramatic and glorious conclusion.

The course includes material that is suitable for personal study as well as small group studies in a local church or in any other small group. The course includes 10 sessions with:

  • Teaching Videos
  • Downloadable Study Guides
  • Notes.
  • Discussion Questions

You can use the button below to access the course online. You will need to create an account to access the course. Your access will include all course material and teaching videos available via streaming. Once you create an account you also have an option to purchase video downloads for the course. This is optional and gives you access to teaching videos that can be downloaded and used without internet access.