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We live in a unique generation. For the first time in history the church is facing two unique challenges:

  • The completion of the evangelization of every people group
  • A global controversy over Israel and it’s future

It is easy to see these challenges as two separate issues, but biblically they are deeply connected. Most Christians read the Old Testament as a story about Israel and the New Testament as a radical shift from Israel’s story to the story of the nations. When we read the Great Commission it seems to be a dramatic shift in God’s redemptive plan from a focus on Israel to a focus on the nations.

However the Great Commission is not a new idea. When we understand the overarching context of the Old Testament and Israel’s story, we discover the nations were always in the heart of God. His plan for the nations did not begin in the New Testament. Just as the story of the nations does not begin in the New Testament, so also the story of Israel does not end in the New Testament. God has a single redemptive purpose for Israel and the nations that is found in both the Old and New Testaments. Israel’s story still matters, but it will be fulfilled in the context of the Great Commission.

The Great Commission is God’s means of fulfilling His promises to Israel and the nations. It is a task much broader than evangelism. It is a command to disciple the nations. It is ultimately intended by God to prepare the nations for the return of Jesus.

Key topics covered in Israel and the Great Commission:

  • How Israel and the Great Commission are deeply connected.
  • The Old Testament foundation of the Great Commission
  • How Israel’s Story Continues in the New Testament
  • How Paul Understood God’s Plan to Save Israel and the Nations through the Great Commission
  • God’s Promise to Ishmael and how it Relates to Israel and the Great Commission
  • What is Required to Finish the Great Commission?

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