“My only wish is that this book may fall into the hands of every serious Bible student and pastor.” Dr. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr

Few subjects have been more controversial throughout history than Israel. Some say her significance ended in the first century, but if God is finished with the Jewish people, how has Israel miraculously reemerged as a state after two millennia of dispersion? And why is there so much controversy over this group of people once predicted to bless the whole earth? And how is the church supposed to relate to the modern state of Israel in these intensifying times?

We must know the original Old Testament promises that still shape our world and rediscover a New Testament, Jesus-centered answer to God’s ongoing purposes and yet to be fulfilled promises for Israel.


“One King constitutes one of the best reads I have yet seen on this most critical issue. It has shown how the ancient promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, with its three key divine promises, dominates the redemptive plan of God all the way through Scripture showing at once the priority of sharing the Gospel with Israel and with Israel’s call and election to bless all the nations of the earth.. My only wish is that this book may fall into the hands of every serious Bible student and Pastor. I highly recommend this book to the blessing of all who want to get the Biblical story right.”
Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., President Emeritus, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

“Samuel Whitefield has written a powerful book on Israel and its destiny. He handles the Scriptures with accuracy and provides a very compelling over all framework. Those who struggle with new presentations that deny ethnic Israel and important place in the plan of God and its inheritance in their ancient Land would do well to read this book.”
Dr. Dan Juster, Author and Founder of Tikkun International

Israel is mentioned over 2500 times in the Scripture. An improper understanding of this most-important theme will lead to an improper understanding of scripture. I highly recommend One King as it will challenge the reader to grapple with God’s heart and plan for Israel’s past, present, and future.
Scott Volk, founder of Together for Israel

Without a doubt there there are historic and emerging controversies in the body of Christ surrounding the subject of Israel and the Church, and writings like this are so helpful to God’s people during this hour! Samuel Whitefield is unafraid to dive into the tensions regarding Israel and the nations, while at the same time bringing clarity and confidence to the reader about the vision that Scripture gives for the people and the land of Israel. Jesus: One King will inspire your heart and open your eyes to the invitation the Church has in this hour to enter into the storyline of Israel’s salvation and redemption in our generation…exciting!
Jim Stern, Lead Pastor, Destiny Church St. Louis