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Will you take your place in God’s story and secure mercy in your generation?

We live in an incredible moment in human history. Shifts are taking place across the earth that few people could have anticipated even a few decades ago. As the Church faces new challenges and new opportunities, there is a divine invitation. The question is: do we recognize the invitation and know how to respond?

The Bible repeatedly demonstrates that when God spoke about His judgments to His friends, they understood it was an invitation to intercession. They knew seven principles of intercession and acted on these principles to secure mercy for a remnant before judgment.

God is giving us an invitation He has given to some of His best friends: He is giving us the invitation to secure mercy before the time of trouble. The final day of judgment will go far beyond any previous judgments, but before it comes God wants to release an unprecedented wave of mercy.

God wants to precede unprecedented judgments with unprecedented mercy. And He is looking for intercessors.

God’s ancient friends knew what to do and they secured mercy in their generation. Will we do the same?