Samuel has once again set a whole new standard for what the Bible has to say on the topic of the end times. —Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

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It Must Be Finished is also available as a video course for individuals and small groups. The video course includes teaching videos, study guides, and small group curriculum.

Many Christians think of the gospel only as the message of Jesus’ first coming, but that is an incomplete gospel. The gospel is both the good news of Jesus’ first coming and the promise of His second coming. Jesus second coming has always been the great hope of the church, for many believers the return of Jesus is a subject that seems confusing. When they hear someone speak about the end times, they can feel as if they’ve shown up for the last ten minutes of a movie without getting to see the first hour and a half because the events surrounding the return of Jesus are rarely connected to the story of redemption.

The key to understanding the end times is connecting the main themes of the end times with the overall redemptive story. There are promises that must be fulfilled and covenants that must be resolved. When you grasp a few main events in the redemptive story, the main themes of the end times become straightforward and easy to grasp because they are simply the logical conclusion of the story. Jesus’ first coming did not fulfill all the promises of God-it secured all the promises of God. The story must be finished. Jesus must receive His inheritance. The church must come to maturity.

There are many books on the detailed events of the end times, but It Must Be Finished is unique because it helps readers make sense of the return of Jesus by connecting it to the redemptive story. It gives readers the necessary foundations to do further study of the Old Testament, Bible, and end times.


Samuel Whitefield has once again set a whole new standard for preaching and teaching what the Bible has to say on the topic of the “End Times.” His new book It Must Be Finished is a wonderful treatment of a host of biblical texts that need to be read, understood, and taught afresh in these final days before our Lord returns. Readers will not be disappointed by this book nor will it treat this subject in a wearisome and hackneyed way: rather, it will produce a whole new set of understandings that unfortunately have all too often lain dormant in the church for far too long. I urge the church along with its pastors and teachers to quickly get a copy and begin the conversation and action demanded by our Lord to meet the coming days of the End Times.

Dr. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., President Emeritus, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

It Must be Finished is a strong and insightful read that will stir and inspire your heart for the return of Jesus Christ. Samuel has a way of “connecting the dots” in the mind of the reader about God’s grand story line while simultaneously stirring vision for the church in the coming days. With so much hypothesis and speculation about the end times being propagated in our generation, it is refreshing to have a book like this that helps to anchor our hearts in the Word of God while equipping us to mentor and disciple others in these things.

Jim Stern, Lead Pastor, Destiny Church, St. Louis

Samuel Whitefield is proving to be a very capable theological thinker. It is wonderful to add him to the ranks of those who interpret the Bible in a straight forward manner according to the original context and literary genre. May God speed the acceptance of this book and its influence.

Dr. Daniel Juster, Author and Founder, Tikkun International

God is raising up “Shepherds according to His heart who will feed people on knowledge and understanding” so that hearts will be strengthened and minds will have clarity to understand what God is doing in the earth in these days. Samuel Whitefield is one of the shepherds who God is using to bring understanding of His heart and plans. The subject of the end times is so much more than graphs, charts, and timelines. It is ultimately a story, and when your heart connects to this story it causes faith, hope, and love to explode in your heart and mind. I’ve known Samuel Whitefield for ten years, and I can attest to his tireless labor to see the subject of the end times go from a topic only scholars understand to a subject the whole body of Christ can engage with.

Corey Russell, Senior Leadership Team, International House of Prayer of Kansas City, MO

Once again Samuel has written passionately and plainly about Jesus’ grand redemptive plan for Israel and the nations which climaxed on Calvary and will culminate with Jesus’ second coming. In this book, Samuel helps readers navigate redemptive history with a clear meta-narrative undergirded by biblical reasons for Jesus’ coming. It Must Be Finished is refreshing and helpful to anyone who desires to understand biblical eschatology and missiology.

Daniel Lim, Director, Center for Biblical End-Time Studies; CEO, International House of Prayer of Kansas City, MO