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Have You Been Blinded? is also available as a video course for individuals and small groups. The video course includes teaching videos, study guides, and small group curriculum.

What if God is not doing what you think He is?

God can be moving in significant and historic ways, but if you have certain assumptions, you will not see what He is doing. If you do not face your assumptions about Him, you can look at God’s work and fall prey to fear, confusion, and anxiety. Over two thousand years ago, a prophet named Habakkuk was filled with anxiety, and he accused God of not answering his prayers. God’s first response to the prophet’s accusation was a forceful, “Look again! You will be shocked at what I’m doing.”

This prophet’s accusations against God revealed a set of assumptions that had left him blind and unable to see what God was doing. Many of us hold the same assumptions, and like the prophet we are unaware that our blindness can lead us toward a crisis we do not see coming.

The greatest crisis currently facing the Church is the lack of a true knowledge of God-particularly when He leads history and our lives in ways we cannot comprehend.

Many well-meaning Christians have not faced their assumptions. God wants to address your assumptions now so He can heal you, give you sight, and give you an unwavering, biblical faith.

Facing your assumptions will ultimately force you to face the fundamental human sin that leads to all other sin yet often remains hidden. In Have You Been Blinded? you will discover:

  • God’s conversation with Habakkuk exposes your assumptions about God’s leadership of history.
  • Four simple messages from God that confront us with His leadership and are critical for the church.
  • How Jesus’ suffering exposes the fundamental human sin and gives you confidence to address it.

Are you ready to face your assumptions about God’s leadership?