Have You Been Blinded?

What if God is not doing what you think He is? God can be moving in significant and historic ways, but if you have certain assumptions, you will not see what He is doing. If you do not face your assumptions about Him, you can look at God’s work and

Son of Man: The Gospel of Daniel 7 Video Course

Son Man: The Gospel of Daniel 7 Video Course The Son of Man: The Gospel of Daniel 7 video course includes twelve sessions to help you better grasp how Jesus presented himself and discover what the Gospel of the Kingdom is. The course is designed to be used with the book Son of Man:

Priestly Ministry is a Response to Jesus’ Beauty

When we think of the book of Revelation we often think of many things, but the book declares itself first of all to be the “Revelation of Jesus.” Priestly ministry is first and foremost a response to that beauty.

Introduction to The Priestly Ministry That Must Come On the Earth

One of the more profound predictions the book of Revelation makes is that the blood of Jesus has restored humanity so that human beings can serve as priests on the earth. The subject of believers as priests tends to be one of the most neglected subjects in the church in comparison to how central it is in Scripture.

Why Have You Forsaken Me?

In the middle of the crucifixion, Jesus cries out “My God! Why have You forsaken Me?” It’s a staggering exclamation. Jesus endured the physical agony of the crucifixion, but something happened just before He died that caused Him to cry out. Understanding that cry helps us understand the crisis of the human situation.

Discipleship Begins with Beholding Video Course

The Great need of our time is a people who are beholding the beauty of God by the Spirit and are satisfied in Him. The Discipleship Begins with Beholding video course includes eight sessions to understand why “beholding” is the foundation for discipleship. The course is designed to be used with the

Mercy Before Judgment

Will you take your place in God’s story and secure mercy in your generation? We live in an incredible moment in human history. Shifts are taking place across the earth that few people could have anticipated even a few decades ago. As the Church faces new challenges and new opportunities,

Have You Been Blinded? Video Course

The Have You Been Blinded? video course includes eight sessions to help you understand God’s desire to release mercy before judgment in partnership with His people. The course is designed for the book Have You Been Blinded? In this course you will discover: How to confront your own assumptions about God’s leadership of

The Recovery of Man’s Calling

In the same way the elders and living creatures in heaven stand before God and use their authority to make God’s beauty known in the heavens, so also man must stand before God and use his authority on the earth to make God’s beauty known on the earth. This is key to the plan of redemption.

Hagar, Ishmael, and the God of Redemption

The story of Hagar and Ishmael is a painful story that leads to a split family. Though the story is filled with tragedy, it also gives us powerful glimpses of God’s desire to bring salvation and redemption in the midst of sin and rebellion. When we recognize God’s desire for

Isaiah 24 Video Course

When we understand God’s ultimate purpose for His people we can labor in the local church with confidence and understanding. The Bible contains specific descriptions of God’s plan to produce a mature, glorious church who loves Him deeply and partners with Him in His plan of salvation. One of the

The Things that Must Come

Revelation 4 provides the first glimpse at “must take place.” The first step to understanding what must take place is understanding the heavenly pattern that God wants on the earth and how that partner show affect the way we build the church.

Rewards for Overcoming – Jesus’ Message to the Seven Churches of Revelation

In Revelation 2-3 Jesus gives seven specific messages to seven churches. In each of these messages He identifies specific challenges the church in each generation faces, encourages us to overcome these challenges, and offers us profound rewards for overcoming these challenges. Each of these messages is timeless and intended to prepare us to overcome and receive significant rewards from Jesus.

Mercy Before Judgment Video Course

The Mercy Before Judgment video course includes six sessions to help you understand God’s desire to release mercy before judgment in partnership with His people. The course is designed for the book Mercy Before Judgment. This course will help you: Grow in the knowledge of God by recognizing His desire for mercy before