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Apostolic Foundations should be required reading for all believers. That may seem like a strong statement, but I mean it. It is not that it is the only book that believers should read, but it is one of the best and one that really has the power to shape the way you approach your Christianity. There are no steps, formulas, or strategies in this book. Rather Art brings you face to face with the reality of the way Paul thought and lived and forces you to examine your own personal Christianity in light of that.

Regardless of whether you agree with Art on every point or not, the journey through Apostolic Foundations will force you to consider your approach to Christianity in a way that is very necessary. We spend far too little time considering our own lives given that the way we live in this age has so much influence on the next. I had the honor of meeting Art Katz before he died and hearing him speak and I can honestly say that Art was one of those rare believers that had an air about him that was as unique as an Old Testament prophet. Art was often called extreme and was a polarizing figure, but the blessing of being around him was worth the pain of self examination.

The great tragedy is that a fire recently destroyed all of Art Katz’s books at Ben Israel. There is no word yet of when they may print more copies. In the mean time you can obtain Apostolic Foundations online for free by clicking here. (Ben Israel makes all of their books available online for free.) If, like me, you prefer an actual book you can always try contacting Ben Israel via http://www.benisrael.org to see if there are any books still available.

Regardless of how you read it, just read it.

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  1. Dear Samuel,

    I came across your website just today. When Art Katz was in Singapore in 2001, we published a series of his books under ‘onestonebooks’, released for the first time and made available to readers in Asia, many of whom have never heard of him before.

    I undertook the project with passion because I resonated with the spirit that was in Art’s messages. So I understand fully why you say it’s a must read. I felt the same way too and I wanted to make his books available to Christians in this part of the world.

    The last time I met with Art was in his 2nd trip to Singapore in 2006. He is a beautiful saint and I do miss him. I hope Ben Israel will print Art’s books soon but meanwhile they are still available from my website at http://www.onestonebooks.com

    Best regards,
    Ivy Ho

  2. Thanks so much for that link. I recently exchanged emails with Simon at Ben Israel and he expects some reprinting to happen some time in the future but it will take some time. In the meantime, resources like yours will be very valuable. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. I appreciate Arthur Katz and his written works. Don’t forget about the Prophetic Call and Spirit of Prophecy and Spirit of Truth (year?) (that I printed out in early 2003-it’s treasure).
    I didn’t like that they kept revising on-line and changing, so what I have in 2003 was excellent; written works best I’ve read since Leonard Ravenhill (Why Revival Tarries and America is Too Young to Die, Tried and Transfigured etc.). I’ve been giving out quite a few Apostolic Foundations to those who are called to. The church as a whole doesn’t talk about Apostolic and or Prophetic (they reject and run them out). No one questions, the church/leadership their lack of help to the fatherless, widow, orphan, poor, single parent, homeless or that these two gifts aren’t in play. My former (cult) denomination (demonation) you were taught to fear and run and reject (get unbrainwashed) from the apostolic and prophetic so they have a man made agenda and it’s a business. It’s what your money to keep them in their philanthropic lifestyles. Very sad people (sheep) don’t question and read and research a matter. There is a lot of people saved and unsaved that are called to this and not taught about by their false/hireling/wolf shepherds (Ezek 34: Jere 23; keeping the people suppressed and in bondage to dogma-man made rules). A lot of people in the media are called to this along with movie industry etc. I give it out as gifts, alms and offerings. ENCOURAGE THEM TO REPRINT THE BOOKS! Helpful books to leave false church is “Don’t Call Me Brother by Austin Miles and Toxic Faith by Stephen Arterburn, Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola” along with Arthur Katz written works. Numbers 6:24-26. Sad to say I basically told church leadership @ large the only two authors I would recommded other than the Bible is Ravenhill and Katz (eat the meat and spit out the bones). The denomination I left was murders of the prophetic, they were your training for Saul, Jezebel, Herod, Judas and Pharoah and that all equals murder their god was money and you as a number (absolutely no fruit). Check ministries 501c3’s and see where the money goes and that will tell you and start asking and questioning where the money goes START READING YOUR BIBLES from cover to cover (don’t depend on the hireling to give you the Word-Bible), he’s not going to (he wants you stupid and brainwashed). David Wilkerson did an article on Jezebel back in November 2001 damning doctering sending more people to hell (you bet); late this year he wrote an article he wanted Trouble Makers (in the church etc), research in his archives World Challenge). Always research a matter. Best wishes.

  4. I recently received an email from Simon and Ben Israel and they already have a batch of Apostolic Foundations at the printer, so it should be available again soon.

  5. Why can’t we pull up Arthur Katz’s written works up anymore
    it won’t and does not come up, there’s 3 different excuses
    why did they have to make it difficult and not leave it the way it was?

  6. Where are you having trouble viewing his works? Are you referring to the changes on the BenIsrael site? My understanding was that they were moving them all to the site http://www.artkatzministries.org/, although it has appeared to be down for several days.

  7. Has anyone ever stopped to think that maybe Benisrael community needs money to reprint the books. Pls help if you can.

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