Addressing the Issue of Racial Tension

Racial tension is simultaneously one of the most overlooked subjects in the study of the New Testament and yet fundamental to understanding the dynamics of the New Testament. Though it is often overlooked, racial tension had serious implications for the development of the church. This message introduces the issue of racial tension by examining the history of racial tension in the first century church and how the failure to recognize and address this issue will have similar consequence in our generation.

This message considers three fundamental reasons to address the issue of racial tension:

  1. Racial tension is a gospel issue. It is often treated as a cultural or political issue, but it is a gospel issue resolved only through the cross and in the context of the church.
  2. In the book of Acts, the issue of racial tension caused a city to lose it’s calling and a leadership team to lose its influence. We must take this warning seriously.
  3. According to Jesus, racial tension is a significant end-time issue. Jesus warned us about it so we can prepare the church but it is often overlooked in comparison to other end-time warnings.


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