The Cross—The Ultimate Revelation of God’s Judgments

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The cross is the ultimate demonstration of the nature of God’s judgments. It reveals the certainty of God’s judgments, the perfection of God’s judgments, and the redemptive nature of His judgments.

First, the cross reveals God’s judgment is certain.[1]There is no escape from it. God’s goodness required Him to respond to our wickedness. It was unavoidable. A righteous God had to demonstrate His goodness through judgment. Jesus bore the wrath of God because there was no other way.[2]

Second, the cross reveals God’s judgment is perfect. God’s judgments are so perfect that He was willing to undergo His own judgments.This is the ultimate indicator of how right and perfect God’s judgments are. He did not apologize for His wrath. Instead, He willingly endured His own perfect wrath for the sake of His creation.

Finally, the cross demonstrates God’s judgment is ultimately redemptive. He is so good His judgments result in life for those in agreement with Him. Just as God’s judgment of Jesus secured redemption for millions, His judgments will ultimately bring about the redemption of the cosmos.

The cross graphically demonstrates that God’s wrath becomes the cradle of his mercy.

There is no other name under heaven by which we can be saved because salvation must come through God’s judgments.[3]If we agree with His judgments, we can receive mercy through Jesus. If we reject the goodness of His judgments, those judgments will justly punish us among the rebellious who contribute to the destruction of creation.

Jesus’ suffering on the cross answers every accusation against God’s judgment. His willing suffering demonstrates the perfection of God’s judgments, and His offer of redemption reveals the redemptive nature of God’s judgments.

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