The Priestly Call of the Church

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Jesus died so that humanity could recover her priestly calling (Revelation 5:9-10). The New Testament church is not a people without priests; it is a community of priests endlessly fascinated by the revelation of the beauty of God.

God is not just forming individuals in this age, He is also forming a people. The church is called to be a corporate expression of a priestly people captivated by the beauty of God. This is why ministry to God is the first function of the church and why the people of God throughout Scripture gathered around expressions of night and day worship.

Understanding the corporate dimension of our priestly call helps us to understand the modern prayer and worship movement and partner with God’s great desire for the church to become a priestly expression in the earth. This message examines what it means for the church to be a priestly people in the earth who are captivated by the revelation of the beauty of God.

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