#PrayFirst – A Call to Intercession for Refugees

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The current refugee crisis is an unprecedented moment in the Middle East. Literally millions of people have found themselves either internally displaced within their nation, as refugees in neighboring nations, or as refugees seeking asylum in other nations. The refugee crisis is creating unprecedented political challenges as nations grapple with the question of how to respond to the refugee crisis.

As followers of Jesus who recognize the sovereignty of God over the nations, we must realize that crisis moments in the earth can be catalytic for the gospel.

With the confidence that God is directing all of history in such a way to produce a people from every tribe and tongue who love His Son (Revelation 5:9; 7:9), we want to approach the refugee crisis according to two convictions:

  • The Priority of Prayer – God has given the church tremendous authority in the earth and that authority is exercised first in the place of prayer. When we think of the refugee crisis, prayer should be the first response.
  • Salvation – We know that God deeply loves the refugee populations in the earth and that He directs the nations in such a way to cause them to seek Him. Therefore our first priority in prayer for refugees should be prayers for salvation. The deepest need of the human heart is the gospel and crisis moments also present unusual opportunities for preaching the gospel.

What would happen if every time we thought about the refugee crisis, we paused and interceded for salvation among the refugees and for power on each Christian workers laboring among the refugees? What could happen if the global church began to focus specific intercession on behalf of the salvation of the refugees?

We know that our prayers pray a dynamic role in God’s activity in the earth. Our intercession in this moment in history plays a significant role in the outcome of this crisis.

The political solutions to the refugee crisis are incredibly complex. Christians who love Jesus even disagree deeply on the proper political solutions to the refugee crisis. Political solutions are important, but as the global church let’s prioritize prayer for a great harvest among the refugees. Who knows what God might do.

Several years ago, a missionary who had spent 30 years in the Middle East told me that dreams and visions of Jesus among Muslims increased dramatically as prayer in the church for the Middle East increased. Our consistent prayers, though they seem weak, release God’s power and shift history.

You can use the link above to download a prayer guide titled #PrayFirst: A Gospel Centered Response to the Refugee Crisis. We encourage you to share this message with others on social media. Together – as the global church – when we think of the refugee crisis let’s commit to #PrayFirst.

Supporting Work Among Refugees

Many believers want to also donate to those doing gospel centered work among refugees. Here are three organizations that I have relationship with and would high recommend. I have personally been involved in their work and commend them for your support.

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