The Anatomy of Deception

I wanted to make everyone aware of a new work available by Art Katz titled  The Anatomy of Deception.  This book was published posthumously from Art’s messages.   Recently a friend was kind enough to send me a copy of it before I was even aware that it was available for purchase and I am very grateful for his kindness.  Years ago Art’s writings were for me a deep drink of refreshing water amidst an arid land.  He gave perspective to yearnings in my soul and helped form the basis of a Biblical, New Testament theology in my heart.  After just spending a few moments in the introduction of this book, my heart was again stirred in a similar manner.  As I read through this work, Art’s words were again proving to be a deep drink of refreshing water.

In this Art takes aim at the critical issues in the church which, when unaddressed, lead us into deception and become avenues for even greater deceptions and delusions.  While manifestations of power are important to the church, Art takes aim at the deeper issues of our heart before the Lord and our life, both individually and together as believers, and demonstrates how, when these things are lacking, power can become a dangerous thing and ultimately even a means to deception.  This book is an excellent examination of things that we often fail to examine and in so doing cause great harm to ourselves and the church.  If you have a burden to see a church that is genuinely apostolic and prophetic, you would do well to spend a few hours in this book and let it test and try your soul.

In the days ahead, we are going to desperately need the kind of truth that is found in this little book, so I have to encourage you to get a copy of it and read it.  I also wanted to make a note of the fact that this is a relatively small book and I also found it to be one of Art’s easiest books to read.  In fact, if you’ve never read Art before this would be a fabulous book to begin with as it’s relatively short and very approachable while clearly communicating Art’s burden.

I wanted to add one last comment about the issue of signs and wonders.  Some saints might walk away from Art’s writings with a cynical heart towards the miraculous.  I want to encourage us all, as saints, to not become cynical towards signs and wonders simply because of their misuse.   Signs were an important component of Jesus’ ministry as well as that of the early apostles.  When we hear of God working in an extraordinary way, we should be like the Bereans who were both excited to hear of what God was doing and, at the same time, verified the word to be sure that it was true.

The reality is that we desperately need the power of God accompanying the gospel in our day and we must understand that God sometimes works in amazing ways through individuals that are imperfect and that imperfection does not necessarily invalidate the signs themselves.   In fact, we even see apostolic correction and tension even in the New Testament between Paul and Peter at one point.  My point here is to ensure that we properly apply Art’s message and do not let the enemy twist it so that we develop a cynical spirit.

That having been said, Art’s message may seem to some to be very strong but remember that when the pendulum swings too far in one direction we often need an equally exaggerated message to bring us back to the full counsel of the Lord.   While I have warned against developing a cynical spirit, at the same time realize that without the word Art brings in this book being applied, we will not have the ultimate depth that God requires and any signs in our mist will not be capable of having God’s intended effect and could even end up being tools in the hands of the enemy.

You can get a copy of The Anatomy of Deception at the Art Katz Ministries Online Bookstore which is located at  If you have not read Art’s other major works such as Apostolic Foundations and the Spirit of Truth, go ahead and order those as well.  They will add a depth to your life will be greatly needed for the days ahead.  While you are visiting the Art Katz Ministries site you may want to sign up for updates because I believe there are also some other new works that will be coming out in the future that you will want to take advantage of.

Works such as The Anatomy of Deception are rare and valuable.

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