Have We Settled for Morality?

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My heart was captivated recently by the question, “have we settled for morality?”  What I mean by this question is has the Christian church, particularly in America, settled on debating the culture merely on issues of morality.  This question is probably for more significant that you or I think and has far deeper reaching implications for our faith than we realize.  The reason I believe the question bears asking is that everywhere I see a collision between the church and society at large; it is over specific issues of morality.  Let me say up front that I am not saying these clashes are insignificant (because they are not), or that morality is insignificant (because it isn’t) but there is something deeper beneath the surface here that must be considered.

Day after day I receive pleas for funds and alerts in my email warning of the next issue of morality that is being trampled upon in our nation.  Now, I do not mean to belittle any organization or attack any cause.  I believe in most cases that these are genuine believers doing their best to fight for a semblance of Christianity in a culture that is quickly rejecting every moral norm imaginable.  This is important and significant.  I do not want to overlook that.

With that being said, it seems that the rallying cry for the American church however is moral issues.  In fact, moral issues seem to be the only thing that gets churches and different streams of Christianity to work together.  It also seems to be one of the few things that motivates Christians to action.  And, sadly, it raises large amounts of money.  I do not want to appear cynical here, nor discourage giving to any organization because there are many that desperately need funds and do a good word, but the reality is that moral issues are what resonate with us, arrest our inner fears and in turn unlock our pocket books.

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