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Addressing the Issue of Racial Tension

Though it is often overlooked, racial tension is present throughout the book of Acts and had serious implications for the development of the church. This message introduces the issue of racial tension by examining the history of racial tension in the first century church and how it applies in our generation.

God Disciplines His Children

God’s discipline may seem severe, but it is ultimately a display of His righteousness for our good.In His discipline, God displays His glory, the seriousness of sin, His tender concern for us, and His commitment to mature us. God’s discipline…

God’s Loving Discipline of Israel

We are usually uncomfortable with God’s judgments because we lack a revelation of the greatness of God and His name. When we esteem a person, we are naturally enraged when their name is maligned. The greater revelation we have of…

The Vengeance of the Covenant

God’s judgments are described as the vengeance of the covenant.[1]God’s goodness causes Him to respond to the blasphemy of His name with vengeance. His vengeance results in great good for His people. Creation flourishes when God expresses His zeal for…

The Redemptive Nature of God’s Judgments

We tend to think of God’s judgments primarily in terms of the punishment they inflict, but they are also redemptive. When God releases His judgments for His name’s sake, the natural result is the redemption and restoration of creation.The ultimate…

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