It Must Be Finished-Making Sense of the Return of Jesus

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Join Us for the 2020 Israel Intensive

The summer Israel trip I lead with OneKing is one of the highlight of the year. Every year is special and it transforms the way you see the Middle East and the way you read your Bible. Consider joining us next year in Israel. 

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The Beauty of the Divine Man

In Isaiah we find an outrageous statement about Jesus: 2 …he had no form or majesty that we should look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him. (Isaiah 53:2 ESV) Isaiah predicted Jesus would not have any…

The Gospels Rise and Fall on Daniel

The following is an excerpt from a book on Daniel 7. The book should be released in 2019. When we carefully read the gospels and consider how Jesus taught in the gospels, it leads us to an incredible conclusion: the gospels…

An Incomplete Gospel

Note: this is an excerpt from the book It Must Be Finished. The return of Jesus is part of the gospel. If we only speak about Jesus’ first coming and never mention His second coming, our gospel message is incomplete. This does…

Something Far Greater Is Coming

Note: this is an excerpt from the book It Must Be Finished. In any good story, the great climax comes near the end. The story of redemption is the same.We need to recover a sense of anticipation, expectation, and awe at…

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